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Born in NÍ Landeskrankenhaus Tulln, Tulln,Austria on April 9th,1999 at 8:05 am
Birth stats: Weight 7 pounds (3.11 kilos)   Length:  19 3/4 inches (50 cm)
Parents: Margherita (Lahrman) Wohletz and Bernhard Wohletz
Siblings:   Annabella.
Maternal Grandparents: Anna (Ferronato) Lahrman and Gene Lahrman
Paternal Grandparents: Bettina (Krupitz) Wohletz and Gerhard Wohletz

Here are some recent photos from March 2002.  Or here is an archive of pictures.

mr. handsome

playing with Percy the #6 green engine


Nino and Mom

Nino and Bella with the Thomas video

Nino and Bella