"Wohletz" E-mail

I am happy to announce that I can offer every Wohletz his or her own "Wohletz" e-mail. These are forwarding e-mail accounts which forward any e-mail into existing e-mail accounts but give you the flexibility to own your own e-mail address regardless of the provider.

Your current account might be something like hwohletz.hhedu@provider1.net, which is hard to remember or to print on your business card. As soon as you switch to a different provider (which you hate to do because of the change of the e-mail address) your address changes completely. Now, you can select your own name as a e-mail address (e.g. bernhard@wohletz.com) and any e-mail is forwarded through this address to your address at your current provider. If you change provider only the link to the new provider address changes but not your selected address. As this is a forwarding address, your incoming messages are only routed through and not stored anywhere else but on your current your e-mail account. Therefore you enjoy the same level of privacy as you have now.


How to set up a personalized e-mail:

I hope this will make it more convenient and simpler to remember your e-mail address.