Franz Josef Wohletz


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approx. 10 years old March 10, 1918  wedding picture approx. 30 years old


Franz was born in the Kingdom of Bohemia. He immigrated to the USA in 1911. On Sept. 17, 1917, Franz enlisted in the US Army in Bismark, North Dakota and subsequently went on tour in France from August 15, 1918 until April 25, 1919. While with the Armed Forces he married Eleanor Stroup Martin on March 10th 1918 in Des Moines, Iowa. Franz received US citizenship at Des Moines, Iowa on June 18, 1918.

Upon his return from Europe he eventually settled in Pennsylvania and raised his family.

His children are Gail, Marvin F., Fern, Doris E., Lois E., Madalene I. and Arlis.