Josef Johann Wohletz


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approx. 2 years old approx. 34 years old approx. 65 years old


Josef was born in Michelsdorf 221 (Ostrov) Kingdom of Bohemia on April 29 1898.  He married Anna Katherina Strnad.  He was trained as a weaver at the K.K. Fachschule für Weberei (trade school for weaving) in Landskron, Kingdom of Bohemia. He fought during WW1 for the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and in approx.1920 he moved to Vienna, 1st Austrian Republic where he joint the Vienna Police Force.   His children Gerhard and Edeltrude were both born in Vienna, Austria.

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Anna & Josef in 1926

Josef died February 3rd 1979 of myocardial arrest. Anna died Feb. 5 1986.