Franz Wohletz 3rd.


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approx. 40 years old approx. 40 years old approx. 80 years old


Franz was born on October 10 1859 in Ober-Johndorf (Horni-Tresnovec) in the Kingdom of Bohemia. His parents were Franz 2nd and Rosalie Bier. He married Amalia Janisch (born June 29 1861, Bohemia) on February 14 1884. His children were Maria, Josef Johann, Franz Johann and Amalia.  Franz Johann emigrated to the USA in the early 1900 and established a family in Pennsylvania (USA01). Around 1920 Josef Johann moved to Vienna , 1st Austrian Rpublic. Franz died on Jan. 17 1949 due to a weak heart in Vienna, Occupied Austria.

Franz (January 17 1947) and Amalia (June 6 1949) died in Vienna, Occupied Austria.

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Amalia 83 years Franz 85 years